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  By Bill Simmons

With his finger on the trigger
He pulled the hammer down
He waited for the orders
From the Colonel to come around

A small band of soldiers
Who were farmers just before
No emblems on their shoulders
No bright and shining swords

They had joined together
And would fight til the end
At a Mission down in Texas
They knew they must defend

They were well out numbered
A hundred to each one
Reinforcements ordered were on their way
But would never come

Five hundred men strong
Marching on their way
Were slaughtered at Goliad
They could not save the day

They held the enemy back
For three long days and nights
When they heard the word of Goliad
They knew they would lose the fight

They kissed their wives good bye
They sent them through the gates
Then they said prayer to the heavens
For their souls to take

They would not surrender
The courage of these men
At a place they called the Alamo
They would defend until the end

They were completely surrounded
The enemy in red
Then Santa Anna and his men
They raised the flag of death

The cannon fire it began
The battle it raged on
But as each one he lost his life
He knew he died, at home.

copyright 2004 Bill Simmons

By Bill Simmons

Down at the corner
 Standing near the street
A cowboy lights his cigarette
With his hound at his feet

He is waiting for the bus to come
He has been there a while
I walk over to him
He greets me with a smile

I said sir, How have you been
He said, Let me tell you sir
I've been in the prairies
Tending cattle and the herds

Not a day or nights gone by
That I haven't thought of her
Today she will be on that bus
Today I'll be hers

I tended cattle
I sang them all to sleep
But beneath the stars each night
She was always in my dreams

Today she comes to me
And I'll make real my dreams
Then the bus pulled up and it stopped
In front of him and me

A girl steps out and I say
She is a pretty thing at that
He walks over to her
He removes his hat

He says, I've been in the prairies
Tending cattle in the fields
I have faced the weather
I chased them in the hills

Not a day or nights gone by
That you weren't on my mind
If you choose to put on this ring
Forever you'll be mine

She puts her arms around him
Her eyes open wide
She said, I do love you
As the tears fell from her eyes

They then walked away
Being followed by that hound
But I remember well that day
For his words still hang around

I've been in the prairies
Tending cattle and the herds
Everynight they were sang to sleep
But he always thought of her.

copyright 2004 Bill Simmons

By Bill Simmons

I have seen many things within my life
And I wonder if we have learned a thing
I saw man reach for the stars, place his foot upon the moon
And I heard the whole world it sing

I saw two brothers that the world so loved
One became as King upon our eyes
The one he fell upon the wayside of our lives
As the other was taken too his life

I saw a man, he taught and he preached
He said, Please set my people free
He too, he fell along the wayside of his path
Now three times the world cried misery

I watched a war where many they died
So many, they lost their lives
For the fourth time the world, this time cried fowl
This war that was proclaimed a lie

I saw their names placed down in stone
For those that had given lives
And I wonder if we have learned a thing at all
And I wonder if this does make it right

I watched a Princess live out her life
I remember the night that she died
Again the world it lost a love
For the fifth time the world it cried

I watched the Towers as the whole world gazed upon
As evil, it brought the towers down
Again so many they would lose their lives
And again the whole world it cried

I watched a man proclaim, I am a King
You can't touch me, I have my own way
Many they died while under his rule
His ruthlessness and his evil ways

I watched the night in the predawn hours
Lightning made by man it filled the sky
This time the world knew what must be done
Still there were those that doubted why

I watched as those stormed across his land
And proclaimed evil must not survive
I saw the Kingdom handed back to it's peoples hands
But this time the world it would not cry

We have all seen many things within our lives
And sometimes wonder of the reasons why
Sometimes the world it has it's need to cry
But then sometimes we do get it right.

copyright 2004 Bill Simmons

Copyright © 2004
All Rights Reserved

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